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Shoulder/Leg Routine

Since I have gotten several requests to share some of my workouts, here is what I did at the gym this morning! Today was legs and shoulders and of course I had to throw in some ab work just for fun. Let me know if you try this routine, I'd love to hear from ya! :)

I've broken it up into 'sections', exactly how I did it today. I rest in between sets until my heart rate comes down (I use a Polar watch to monitor HR and calorie burn):

warm-up: 200 crunches//the length of a song (I like to activate my abs before most of my workouts)Smith Machine squats 12 reps x 4 sets (light weight)4 sets of: shoulder front raises with EZ bar 10 reps overhead shoulder press with EZ bar 12 repsSmith Machine squats 12 reps (medium weight)3 sets of: Smith Machine squats 8-10 reps (heavy weight)shoulder raises with plate to front&side 25 reps3 sets of: plie squats 20 repsshoulder front row with plate 15 repsoblique side bends with plate 15 reps3 sets of: dumbbell overhead press 12 repsleg extens…

I'm having an off day: high WBC count, Humira, acknowledging my limits

I am currently walking a fine line between remission and a flare-up of my Crohn’s Disease. I cannot remember the last time I felt ‘normal’ in terms of my health and I wonder if that same threshold even exists anymore. For months and months I have been fighting my body and my body has been fighting me. Just when I think I am in the clear, another obstacle presents itself.
Recently, I have been feeling pretty great. My energy levels have been good, my symptoms are under control, and I have been able to continue on my daily activities. Although I do not want to jump the gun and call this the start of a remission, I am optimistic that with my new treatment regimen I am just around the corner of health.
Since starting Azathioprine a little less than one month ago, I have been getting my blood checked weekly to ensure that my body does not react adversely to the new medication. Despite feeling okay, my levels showed that my white blood cell count (indicative of inflammation and active di…