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Does diet play a role in Crohn's disease?

I have always struggled with the concept of diet in relation to Crohn's disease. For so long, I wanted diet to play a role in my disease; that would enable me some form of control. Unfortunately, over the past seven years, I have learned that is not quite the case. Don't get me wrong, certain foods definitely have the ability to aggravate my stomach. There is a difference, however, between discomfort after eating, and a flare leading to a hospitalization or a course of prednisone. I think food can best be conceptualized as an exacerbator of what is already going on inside my GI system rather than the perpetrator of disease activity. To minimize the less serious symptoms of my Crohn's disease, such as bloating and stomach pain, I stay away from fried food, oils, popcorn, green apples, and a few other random things. I also struggle with eating at restaurants if the food is oily/greasy. I will treat myself to a pizza or burger every once in a while, but most of the time I pref…

Flaring for my 23rd birthday and at the start of my new career

If you missed my last post recapping what I have been up to over the past few months, feel free to check that out here.
I started my new job on July 11th, one day before my 23rd birthday. I flew to St. Charles, Illinois, for a ten-day new hire training. I work in tax for a multinational, Big 4 accounting firm, and knew that the expectations would be more intense than a regular 9-5. I figured that since I had maintained a semi-state of remission with my Crohn's disease that I would be well enough to handle the demands of public accounting... I was wrong. 
The ten, sometimes twelve, hour days of training got to me. I require at least 9 hours of sleep to function at a baseline level. If I don't get my sleep, my body fights against me. I also have a proven track record of running into issues with traveling in general, probably due to a combination of stress, new environments, and unfamiliar food options. Despite my best efforts to get adequate sleep and nutrition during training, I …

Why I stopped blogging / Life Update

After a several-month-long hiatus from the world of blogging, I have found my spark again. I was discouraged from writing for a while, initially because of how busy I was with graduate school. That eventually evolved into a self-doubting voice in my head, telling me that no one cares what I have to say; what makes me so important? 

Fortunately, my past articles still serve as a reference today for several with Crohn's disease/loved ones who have the illness. This heartwarming fact has been brought to my attention enough over the past few weeks to remind me of why I started publicizing a private yet extremely relevant aspect of my life in the first place: to help others.  

The issue with transparency about something as serious as an incurable disease is that a lot of what I have to share about that aspect of my life is quite depressing. I am a positive person who dislikes negative attention and complaining; I have a difficult time expressing my feelings toward my disease in my own pe…